Detachable Connectors

Full Gallery of Connectors here:

More Colors of cerakoted aviators coming soon (+colored threads!)

We offer:

Silver gx16 as a default option when you chose to add a detachable connector.

For an additional cost you can upgrade to a variety of other Detachable Connectors:

- Silver YC8 +8usd

- Gold Gx16 + 6usd

- White NON cerakoted Gx16 +9usd (sold out)

- Matte Black NON cerakoted Gx16 +9usd

- Matte Gold NON cerakoted gx16 +9usd 

- Cerakoted Gx16 (any color except white) +14usd

- Cerakoted Gx16 + Cerakoted Threads (any color except white) +18usd

- White Cerakoted Gx16 +16usd

- White Cerakoted Gx16 with Cerakoted threads 20usd

- Weipu SA10 chrome plated push/pull + 16usd 

- Silver Premium Push/Pull size 0b +26usd // larger size 1b +2usd

- Black Premium Push/Pull size 0b +28usd // larger size 1b +2 usd