Purchasing a Cable

*Disclaimer, may not fully power a drop ALT, would recommend asking for shorter cable lengths*

How do I purchase a cable?

 We currently have 3 primary options for purchasing a cable under the 'Shop' tab of the header menu. We offer In-Stock options that will be constantly updated. Popular colors will be seen more regularly but we will focus on constantly providing new fresh options as well. Then we have Preset Cables. These are pre-configured cables that are not made yet but all materials are in-stock so we offer quicker turnaround times + slightly cheaper price than a fully custom cable. And then you of course have the option to fully customize your very own cable unique to you!

How do I customize my own cable?

 Under the Custom Cable Commission tab on the header menu, you will be directed to every page you need to see pictures of every type of material we offer. You will also see the tab to order now which will bring you to a product page where you can then select everything you want and checkout. 

Can I mix and match cables? 

 For cables from StayWiredCables you can mix and match any cable of a same connector (ie silver gx16 and colored cerakoted gx16 will not work together but different colored cerakoted connectors will) It is not very likely that our cables will work with cables from another maker but upon request we can provide our wiring guide and if it matches the wiring of the other cable maker there should be no issues.

Support for your Cable or Order

When will I receive my cable?

 For In-Stock options, the order ships out in 2-3 days and shipping time estimate will be provided with the chose shipping method. For Themed cables we ask for 5-7 day lead time before shipping out and for fully custom cable we ask for 5-10 day lead time before shipping out.

How can I contact you guys if I have an issue?

 You can send an e-mail to staywiredcables@gmail.com or send us a message on Instagram at @StayWired.cables  


Changes to an existing order. 

For all custom commission orders we offer 24 HOURS to make any changes (you will be charged/refunded for any price difference). For any Pre-Order on Preset Cables, you have 48 HOURS to chose any other preset cable, in-stock option or to add any other custom option (you will be charged/refunded the difference) Please refer to refund policy for more.



You must understand that anything but an In-stock option is a request for a cable to be made specifically for you, so simply changing your mind is not a reason for a refund. However, for those custom orders, we can make adjustments within the period of time mentioned above. In any case of a refund request we will first offer what we can to make it right to you however if you insist on a refund, you qualify if: 

Your cable is not working right out of the box. (maximum 7 days within package being marked as delivered)

You received something different from what you ordered.

You have not received your cable within 14 days after the estimated ship time.

In the case of an incorrect/defective order we will supply a return shipping label and you will receive a refund once the product has been received by us. In the case of a lost cable please give us a few days after inquiring to look into the matter before we can confirm a refund. 

For US orders return labels cannot be printed but we can offer a credit of up to 15$

Thank you - StayWiredCables